La soluzione CAD per il settore moda.
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The CAD solution for fashion industry.

Shape your ideas

Everything you need in one solution

CAD4Fashion is the CAD solution developed by Lakeview-Technology for fashion industry.
We have gained a great deal of experience in software development dedicated to fashion.
We have collected tips and advice from those who work directly in the field.

We listen to the needs of the end user … this close collaboration between us and the customer has allowed us to make our CAD one of the best products on the market.

C4F is made up of numerous modules, tools and features that allow you to carry out everything you need to turn your ideas into reality.

CAD4Fashion la soluzione

Main features


Simple and intuitive working environment


Import / Export management format

lakeview icona wifi

Management to work with local data or shared on the network

CAD4Fashion schermata home page
CAD4Fashion schermata modello


With C4F you can manage the model in different variations, extremely convenient to avoid complex and confusing data structures


Thanks to the digitization module, with PhotoSHAPE you can digitize your models and find them directly within C4F ready to be managed and edited.

CAD4Fashion Stampare

You can print miniatures with table printer.
Create reports in PDF format.

CAD4Fashion Stampare

Association of images to the model

CAD4Fashion associazioni immagini

Powerful size development module


Extremely intuitive, precise and complete video part creation module. Create new models from scratch thanks to the use of the numerous editor functions.


Modify existing, converted or digitized models.
Cut, deform, manage seams and much more!


“MTM” module for custom madeĀ  garments (optional)

CAD4Fashion crea modifica
CAD4Fashion modulo posizionamento oggetti

Manual and automatic nesting. Optionally, professional nester “SuperNEST”.
Thanks to the automatic nesting module you can save fabric, reducing costs and optimizing production.

CAD4Fashion esportazione file hpgl

Plotting management through HPGL files.

CAD4Fashion gestione file ISO

Automatic cutting management through ISO file.

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