Quality. Professionalism. Experience.

Lakeview-Technology provides the great experience gained over many years in the fashion, furniture and all realities where the use of professional CAD for modeling, technology for automatic cutting and digitization of shapes is required.

Many years of experience in the field of modeling and automatic cutting.

Lakeview-Technology has been operating for many years in the technology sector at the service of fashion, furniture and technical sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, nautical and many others.

We were born with the development of our first CAD system for fashion industry, where we gained the widest experience.
Over the years and with the knowledge acquired thanks to the close collaboration with numerous customers, we have developed one of the best CAD software on which we continue to work to always offer the best user experience.
The extreme stability of our systems as well as the efficient support offered to our customers has led to a very high customer satisfaction rate as well as to mutual trust in the relationship built over time.

The growth of the market at a global level in terms of production demand has led to a logistical restructuring of the work of many companies.
The growing production demand has led many companies to adopt faster and more efficient cutting systems than traditional manual cutting.
For this reason, we are committed to offering an extremely reliable product for cutting various materials such as fabrics, leather and technical materials.
We have specialized in automatic cutting systems that today constitute for us a successful product for our company with a wide offer aimed at numerous applications and sectors.
We learned from customers as well as we taught a lot to many companies allowing them to increase their production capacity by improving the quality of the product.

Thanks to this continuous exchange of knowledge we have sought solutions in order to solve important problems typical of many sectors.
We therefore came to the conception of a unique product of its kind.
We are talking about PhotoShape, automatic digitization system of patterns and templates.
This product has an important success on the market at a global level, thanks to its capability to reduce the times of digitization / vectorization of patterns. An efficient result in a few seconds.

Lakeview-Technology never stops at the state of the art.
We continue to listen to the customer’s needs and to follow the new technological frontiers, in order to offer increasingly performing and cutting-edge products.

Our values

We can summarize the values that guide our company and the working method pursued every day with 3 keywords.


To guarantee stable, reliable, exhaustive solutions capable of satisfying the customer’s real needs, the experience gained over time is fundamental.
Experience means operating in the field, it means acquiring skills with time and continuous exercise. This path is inevitably accompanied by continuous problem-solving activities.
This is what allowed us to learn from the numerous challenges, continuously increasing the quality of our products.


Fundamental requirement of our products and services offered.
We work seriously and our solutions reflect this spirit with a concentration of technology, design and attention to customer needs.
For us, quality means much more than a beautiful product made up of components with a high intrinsic value.
For us, quality is the set of choices, work and skills that lead to the creation of a product with a high technological and functional content.


Our team works with passion in achieving the set goals.
We continuously work on the search for new solutions, but in front of everything we pay attention to the customer.
It is on this aspect that we work extremely seriously in order to offer not only the best solution that can make a real efficiency of the work process of the sectors in which we work, but also with the aim of guaranteeing maximum assistance in the pre-sales phase by accompanying the customer in his choices, as well as in the post-sales phase, where we provide maximum availability with access to the team in case of extremely streamlined and flexible needs.
We are distinguished by the rapidity of intervention as well as an extremely flexible relationship, facilitated by the reduction of cumbersome intervention procedures.