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CAD4Fashion / LVCadFurniture / LVCadTechnical

One of the best CAD solution for fashion, furniture and technical sectors.

A concentrate of experience

Our company has started with the developement of CAD systems.
In this field we have gained many years of experience which has allowed us, thanks to the close collaboration with model makers, customers, and many companies in the sector, to develop what has become one of the reference modeling systems.

You can create new patterns or edit digitized patterns.
Import and export models in DXF (AAMA, ASTM, AUTOCAD), HPGL, ISO formats. You can manage your models in an extremely easy way, create work sheets, plot, print miniatures. For those belonging to the fashion sector, C4F allows you to develop sizes. SuperNEST automatic nester and nesting module allow you to prepare for cutting with extreme simplicity, reducing waste and optimizing production.

Cad4Fashion, LVCadFurniture and LVCadTechnical.
The CAD solutions by Lakeview-Technology ideal for your company.

Lakeview Technology CAD

Cad4Fashion is the CAD system developed by Lakeview-Technology for fashion sector.

Simplifies the model development process thanks to the numerous features and modules developed specifically for this sector.

LVCadFurniture is the CAD system developed by Lakeview-Technology for industries and laboratories operating in the interior design sector.

The numerous customizations required, the use of expensive materials such as leather for which production must be optimized in order to reduce waste and costs. We have taken everything into account.
Develop and manage your production with LVCad Furniture.

LVCadTechnical is the CAD system developed by Lakeview-Technology for sectors such as the automotive, aircraft interiors, nautical and many others.

Features, tools and modules developed to optimize the entire process of development, model management and production.