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From model development to cutting. Lakeview-Technology is the ideal choice for your company. Discover our products.

Lakeview Technology CAD


C4F and LVCAD are our CAD systems developed for the needs of the fashion, furniture and technical sectors.

Tagli Automatici

High performance automatic cutting machines for every need. With our machines you can cut fabric, leather and technical materials.
What sets them apart? Precision, aesthetics and modularity. Discover the model that best suits your organization.

Sistema di digitalizzazione automatico di cartamodelli e dime.

Automatic digitalization system of patterns, shapes, gaskets and templates.
One click and your model is ready to be edited within the CAD.
Incredible..but true.

The custom-made solution for you.

Lakeview Technology provides its team of technicians to offer the solution that best suits your needs.
Our software proposals, our digitization system as well as automatic cuts are always in evolution.
Do you need a particular CAD function for the development of your models?
Do the shapes you need to digitize have larger dimensions than the detection area of the Photoshape solution that we offer?
Do you need to have a machine configured according to particular needs?
Contact us … because you remember …

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