Our mission

Lakeview-Technology, a Swiss company, offers solutions for fashion industry, interior furnishings, car interiors and many others where technology is required for product development, using the use of CAD software, and for the automation of processes such as digitization and automatic cutting.
Our mission is to bring technology within the industry with the aim of optimizing and maximizing the efficiency of the entire production system.
We are continuously working to offer complete and extremely competitive solutions on the global market, in order to allow the transition to Industry 4.0 with the maximum simplicity.
Industry 4.0 involves a renewal of the company’s production and management systems through the partial or total process automation.
The operator becomes a supervisor, while the operation itself is entrusted to the machine.
More and more connected and intelligent machines that guarantee a continuous work with reduced waste.
The automation of traditional production processes allows a standardization of production and an increasingly high quality.
The interconnection of the entire system allows a quick and safe data exchange, with the possibility of optimization of the entire work cycle.
This is Industry 4.0 … this is Lakeview-Technology.

Lakeview Technology industry 4.0

Our products


CAD systems for fashion industry, furniture and technical sector.

Automatic cutting machines for fabric, leather and technical materials.

Automatic digitization system for patterns.


We offer solutions designed specifically for the needs of the sector.
If you don’t find your sector,
do not hesitate to contact us … we are ready for new challenges!